“Sufism is a sacred flow of divine love, a transcendental flow from souls to souls as the reflection of the immortal light and as an essence of love from hearts to hearts. When this holy flow of divine love touches people’s hearts, they flow along with it dancing with the eternal bliss. Be their paths different in life, they will be flowing along in this divine stream with ecstasy.”

Siddiq Muhammad
Founder, Sufi Foundation India

About the Founder

Siddiq Muhammad hails from North Malabar in the lineage of Islamic scholars and orators. Since his childhood itself, he was acquainted with various streams of achieving self-realization in Islam practiced by Sufi sheiks or Masters. As he grew up, his innate quest to understand the bigger truth of life made him seek more on the divine ways of God. He was eventually driven to a different path of realization – the divine path of love.
The love for his country and humanity made him learn Law from the Govt. Law College Kozhikode. For a better insight into philosphy, he later pursued Masters in Philosophy and religion from Madurai Kamaraj University.
As he continued his quest seeking the path of love, he engaged in research on the writings of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, the Persian poet, jurist, theologian and above all the best known Sufi mystic influencer.
The knowledge gained in this journey awakened in him a need to spread the hidden jewels of knowledge beyond boundaries of religion, language and territories. This later contributed to the launch of a non-profitable organization known as the Sufi foundation India, based out of Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala.
Known for his mystic writing, he is undoubtedly one of the most noted Indian mystic writers and best known for his Sufi writings in Malayalam literature.


How Sufi Foundation India has changed lives? Hear from our newest members.

The immediate effect of my transformative experience was an insight into Sufism. Such a revelation became to me quite clear and even obvious. I also had an impression that I could access, in ways that are difficult to explain, the immeasurable wealth of Sufi gnosis – the Divine Gnosis that only a sacred chain or Silsila or parampara (the chain of transmission of masters) can confer. I felt connected to this chain of the great saints of the different Sufi lineages, which always converge at some point.

Calliope Grey
Practising for 6 months

The thoughts and ideas spread through Sufi foundation India is practical and experiential. There are no theories to believe in, no recommended reading lists, and no intellectual brooding to be done. When a person decides to give the practices a go, it is expected that it is done with all his/her sincerity; otherwise, the preliminary practices will have no effect. I have for years observed many people who chose as their main preoccupation a constant window-shopping in the spiritual marketplace, without ever getting seriously involved in any one tradition. Sufis have always stressed that to reach a deep water, one must dig in a single spot, otherwise one will be involved in making many small hole in the ground, but will never find the water. As Sufi say “one cannot sail in two boats at the same time.”

Silvia Cruz
Practising for 4 months

My subsequent visits to the Sufi foundation India offered me an extra insight and an additional dimension to what Sufism really is. Sufis in India, enjoy great respect not only amongst Muslims themselves, but amongst followers of other religions. The dergas, the places of burial of great Sufi saints thrive with life and are attended by thousands of people every day – from all walks of life and religious background. One can see there Muslims, Hindu, Sikhs, and occasionally some curious Westerners –neither religious nor racial differences matter when one visits the tomb of a Sufi saint.

Hector Aldo
Practising for 2 months
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