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About Us

“And you ?when will you begin that long journey into yourself?” This question about one’s quest into the real essence of one’s birth is something we all encounter at some point of life. That point is your gateway to self realization. Here at Sufi foundation India we usher you forward from such states of confusion to an enlightened state of self actualization.

 From around the 11th century, many of these teachers reached out to vast audiences through poetry. Those who asked questions about the meaning of life did not seek guidance from jurists or theologians. Instead, they turned to teachers experienced in matters of the spirit. These teachers were called by a variety of names, “Sufi” being one of many.

They were usually deeply learned in both jurisprudence and theology, but they considered these the groundwork for the real task of becoming fully human. Settling down in love depends upon achieving recognition of the One, because nothing can satisfy unlimited craving but the Infinite. Self-centeredness, however, makes love for fellow humans impossible, much less love for God. 

As Rumi said “The ego is “the mother of all idols, the greatest obstacle to love.” Hence Sufi foundation intends to reach out to the human race alleviating pain of the weeping souls through the divine philosophy of love…. That love which transcends all boundaries of caste, creed, and religion to shape a new world of humanity. Sufi foundation brings to you a healing touch that brings the hearts together in the ocean of love to precipitate into the oneness of being.

“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and happiness”

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